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Quest for Games – Nerds Cards and Comics in Bridgeville PA podcast

Listen in on our fun podcast chat with Steve Franz

What: Nerds, Cards and Comics
Where: Bridgeville PA
Who: Steve Franz
When: Game night once a month on premises see Western PA Gaming Meetup, kid friendly game night 4-5 times a year, Main store is accessible, game day is played downstairs is not. Snacks available for purchase.

I met up with Steve Franz one Saturday morning to talk about his store. I loved the well stocked shelves of comics and collectible cards. It reminded me of my favorite comic book store Hole in the Wall Books back home in Northern Virginia. I found Steve very approachable and engaging, truly at ease sitting in the middle of his store he is proud of. Being a board game enthusiast, he started a section of his store stocked full of board games. He is especially proud of his friend, Pittsburgh based, Chris Baum’s illustrations and has a special shelf put aside filled with only Eye4Games board games. That intrigued me to reach out to his friend and find out more about his work and company. Listen in on our chat about Steve’s store Nerds Cards and Comics.

Have you been to Nerds Cards and Comics? What was your experience? Did you attend their board game night? Please comment below

Games mentioned:

Magic the gathering,
Dungeons and Dragons
Vampire the Masquerade
(also the Requiem),
World of Darkness
Tigris and Euphrates
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