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Review of Family Game Night at Venice Presbyterian Church

Venice Presbyterian Church
3694 Millers Run Rd, McDonald, Pennsylvania 15057
Dec 28 Family Game Night 6-10

The Event

I happened to see a local game event come up on my Facebook feed. I saw that Venice Presbyterian church was holding a dinner and game event on a Friday evening. I spoke to Debbie, one of the organizators, she they’ve been doing these events for quite some time. They tell their church family to simply come by after work with the kids, no need to go home and cook. Just come by for a good meal and games.

Food and Drink

I stopped by the venue and greeted by some very friendly people welcoming me to their event. They had a delicious complimentary feast of chicken Parm with salad and garlic bread for its attendees.

Games Available

I arrived later in the event than planned so I was not able to join in a game or offer any of the multiple bags of games I had with me. I noticed a number of mass market games like Risk, Scrabble and checkers in the room. There was a group already in a heated game of Risk when I arrived. Plenty of tables and room to play.

Family/Kid Friendly

This was a great group of family board gamers of teens and adults so it is definitely family and kid friendly.

My Impression

If they hold another night of board games, I will definitely be in attendance.  I’ll post new dates as I see them.

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