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Hi I’m Ellen Warren of Geeks Unite! Board game cafe. I see games as a way of building a community with friends but also with strangers.  The goal is to get people to unplug from their devices, reconnect with other and unite over a board game and food or drink. That’s why our motto is “Unplug. Reconnect. Unite.”

As an avid board game player but also blogger,  I run board game events at restaurants, churches, libraries, and community centers. I have been to a number of board games meetup and gaming conventions in my life time. For many years, I would run board game events out of my home once a month.  I call myself a game master, that role is to break down the game rules, teach them and even facilitate events.  Part of my reason for being a game master is how fulfilling it is when I teach someone a game and the lights go on when they realize how exciting it is. The best compliment someone can give me after I teach a game is “Can I play it again?”

Don’t get wrong, I do enjoy the well- known mass market games like Yahtzee or Monopoly but I found my passion in designer game like Settlers of Catan or role-playing games like Dungeon & Dragons. When someone I meet is interested to learn about these types games, I will start with simpler strategy games or what is often termed gateway games.  A few gateway designer games are Sushi Go, Dominion, and Ticket to Ride.

My passion is games; I love to talk about them, teach them and play them.


Game Master

I can organize your game event for your gathering.


Girl Geek

I love to draw, attend ren-faire, ride rollercoasters, attend gaming conventions and love movies.

Going For The High Roll

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Hardcore Gamers

"Take the hardcore gamers. The characters are way more real in the world of hardcore gamers who have played the game for hundreds and hundreds of hours. They have the movie in their heads, they've built it on their own. These guys are always very disappointed in the movies. "

- Uwe Boll

Epic Fantasy

"Fantasy encompasses a wide, wide spectrum of writing. We have beast fables, we have gothics, we have tales of vampires and werewolves, and we have sword and sorcery; we have epics from Homer, and there is just so much out there that we put under the umbrella of fantasy."

- Robin Hobb

Speed up leveling

"The humanitarian developers behind World of Warcraft have also discovered a way to bribe gamers into turning off their computers and going outside. If you log off for a few days, your character will be more 'rested' when you resume playing, a mode that temporarily speeds up your leveling. "

- Clive Thompson